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Introducing the 1st food podcast from Dubai with a focus on flavours, stories and techniques from the East. Hosted by the team behind Dubai's original food and culture tourism venture, Frying Pan Adventures -

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Feb 22, 2021

One of the founding sisters behind HEARTIGRUB, Arti, shares 4 spice blends that can infuse magic into our cooking—and give us tips on how to use spices most effectively in our kitchens.

You can find HEARTIGRUB online and on Instagram.

Grab a list of the 4 spice blends mentioned on the show on our blog

Feb 8, 2021

Chang Sup Shin, the CEO of the country's most-loved Asian specialty store 1004 Gourmet, shares 5 Asian items that should become pantry essentials.

You can find 1004 Gourmet online and on Instagram, and Chang Sup Shin on Instagram here.

Grab a list of all the ingredients mentioned on the show on our blog

Jan 25, 2021

Faiza from Earth and Ethics tells us about 3 traditional cookware materials that must make a comeback in our kitchens: cast iron, soapstone and clay. 

You can find Earth and Ethics on Instagram.

Partner shout-out on this episode: Gulf Photo Plus, the region's leading photography education resource. Learn more about them...

Jan 11, 2021

Pies Basket, a family-run Filipino baking company, shares the 5 goodies to try first if you've never tried Filipino baked goodies before.

You can find Pies Basket at and on Facebook and

Jan 4, 2021

We're kickstarting 2021 with a brand new season dedicated to food artisans and homegrown businesses in the UAE.